We ensure your products successfully move through customs both at the point of importation at Ghana customs.

At R&G Logistics we believe that global expansion of your business can increase your revenue, expand your customer base and grow your business. To expand to other frontiers, your goods need to successfully and efficiently go through customs seamlessly.

We work on your behalf by communicating with customs and other agencies to ensure shipments efficiently and effectively pass through customs.

Our Customs brokerage services includes classifying your goods appropriately to ensure the right tax and levies are paid.

We also ensure all your consignments meets our import and export requirements preparing information that may be necessary at customs, such as origin, routing and suppliers.

We thoroughly vet all your commercial documents they are accurate and compliant with border or port clearance requirements

Without a customs broker, your shipment may experience significant delays. However, you want to choose carefully. Consider the organization’s accessibility, credibility, experience and knowledge so talk to us.