Medical Devices Division

We specialized in the supply and distribution of renal consumables from Europe.

As a logistics company, we have over the years worked with clients in the health and pharmaceutical industry. Our association with the industry has opened our eyes to the need of our services to ensure timely and cost effective ways to distribute essential commodity such as health.

Our medical devices division has specialized in the supply and distribution of renal consumables. As exclusive local agents for Dialife SA, a premium renal consumables manufacturer in Europe.

We support you in every area

At RNG Medical supplies, our products and services focus on every area of your hospital – to meet all your needs and help you protect, support and save lives.

We offer the state of the art technology with a real time 360 monitoring, a versatile and yet easy to use. Our machines dianova X1 & X2 are premium systems suitable for advance dialysis care.

Our consumables are premium Swiss products needed for hemodialysis treatment, including dialyzers, AV tubing sets, fistula needles, sodium bicarbonate cartridges and bags, bicarbonate and acid concentrate, endotoxin filters, disinfectant and more.